Future Voting: Free, Fair, Efficient

We need to admit two things about elections: first, they need to be 100% citizen-centered; second, citizens need to go the extra mile whenever necessary to make elections work. The first point is about legitimacy; the second is about making sure we can have it, given the imperfection of all systems known to date. Every since the year 2000, in the United States, there has been evidence that our voting systems are not 100% secure, efficient and legitimate.

The third thing we need to say about elections is that they really do decide, to some degree, the future. All elections are future elections, and all elections should live up to that responsibility. We can build a better system, if we prioritize:

  • 100% accuracy in capturing votes
  • voter-verified redundancy (a paper trail)
  • inviolable ballot security
  • 100% voter access to vote
  • rapid, reliably error-free count

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