How Citizens can Catalyze Climate Action

On June 5—World Environment Day—we held a press conference to announce CCL’s effort, through the Pathway to Paris project, in collaboration with the World We Want, to build a worldwide always-active Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network. The press conference was conducted in association with the Climate Matters video interview series, as well as COY11, CliMates, IAAI GloCha, Context News, and the Association Actions Vitales pour le Developpement Durable.

The participants in this briefing were:

The question under discussion was: Can citizens catalyze climate action? 

Article 6 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change calls for facilitating participation by citizens, but does not lay out a specific process for that engagement. As a result, the governments who are Parties to the UNFCCC have left the focus of Article 6 more on education and information, sometimes making an effort to provide training and support to constituencies that can benefit from participating in climate solutions.

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