Introducing the People+Planet Project

Building Partnerships to Achieve the SDGs and Climate Agreements

  • Report on the July 23, 2015 discussion on the People + Planet Project, a Post–2015 Action Platform
  • Hosted by the United Nations Post–2015 Development Planning Unit Executive Office of the Secretary-General
  • Presented by Natalia Vega-Berry, Campaign Director of the People + Planet Project An initiative developed by The Global Brain

In response to the momentous query What is our responsibility post–2015 to ensure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate Agreements are realized?, we have developed the People + Planet Project, to ensure actions will be taken by citizens, organizations, NGO’s and business following the announcement of the SDG’s and the new climate agreements at COP21.


PPP_SystemsMapThe People + Planet Project (P+PP) is a new global action network designed to activate the Climate Agreements and SDGs post–2015. The P+PP will mobilize large-scale campaigns that collectively will support these shared goals and provide users with content, tools and calls to action to integrate sustainable, socially responsible decisions into their everyday lives. The P+PP’s users will be an unprecedented coalition of civil societies, organizations, brands and NGOs that will engage in and facilitate this universal transformation. This robust platform will carry the momentum of the Climate Agreements and SDGs beyond 2015 to ensure that these are sustained priorities, leaving no one behind.

A foundational aspect in our ideation is the P+PP Systems Map, included to the right, which illustrates our systematic, strategic approach. This map provides a flow of the P+PP’s target audiences, the platform, campaign output, output categories, the 17 interconnected SDGs and the final outcome: Sustainable Development.

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