Terror Campaign Targeting Trump Critics is Threat to Democracy

UPDATED, 12:21 pm EDT—In the last two days, packages reportedly containing explosive devices have been sent to the home of pro-democracy philanthropist George Soros, the home of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and to the office of former President Barack Obama.

Also today, CNN’s New York offices were evacuated after an explosive device was found. That package was allegedly addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. The Secret Service reports having intercepted the packages sent to the Clintons and to the office of Mr. Obama, all of them protectees of the Secret Service. The Secret Service also has reported that rumors of a package sent to Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, DC, are false.

It is clear there is a mounting campaign of violent terror being waged against people and institutions seen as a counter-weight to President Trump. The inclusion of Mr. Brennan specifically—a vocal critic of President Trump—suggests the campaign is not just anti-liberal, but also of the particular ideological perversion that views progressive politics and the federal government with suspicion and which has ties to President Trump’s base of support.

These coordinated bombing attempts are a clear sign that the campaign of hate fomented by “alt-right” extremist leaders—often seconded or promoted by the Trump White House—is turning to terrorism.

It is a sign of where we are politically that people across the political spectrum would logically assume this White House might not be interested in prosecuting these terrorists. Any effort by the White House to avoid full, immediate, aggressive prosecution of these groups should be viewed by federal law enforcement as an unlawful act of complicity.

If there is any doubt as to whether the Trump White House can fully support an aggressive counter-terrorism operation to end this threat, or if there are any indications President Trump plans to use this terror campaign as an excuse to limit the liberty of law-abiding American citizens, the Department of Justice has a Constitutional obligation to either name a second Special Counsel or expand the mandate of Robert Mueller, to ensure a full investigation for of the motives for White House obstruction.

This must be treated as a domestic national security threat, with all levers of law enforcement and national security power brought to bear. None of the conspirators can be allowed to continue to operate under the pretense that they are citizens with protected political views. The perpetrators of these attempted bombings are terrorists; they must be treated as such.

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