Respect the dignity & worth of every human being

Asked by Brian Williams what he says to colleagues who are being subjected to racist attacks by a lawless President, civil rights hero Congressman John Lewis, of Georgia, said:

I tell them to keep the faith, to keep their eyes on the prize, and to never ever give up, ’cause Dr. King taught us never to hate, never become bitter, because hate is too heavy a burden to bear, to believe in peace, and the way of love, to believe in the philosophy of nonviolence, and over and over again, I say we must respect the dignity and the worth of every human being. A young Republican came up to me today and said ’John, what must we do?’ I said ’Just continue to love; it is the best way; it is the only way.’

Having earned the right to be heard, by any and all at any time, Rep. Lewis made clear there is serious work to be done, that we have an obligation to continue striving to improve our democracy, combat injustice, and resist the abuses of those who would abuse power.

He urged patience, persistence, civility, and a tireless focus on the work of serving what is human in all of us.

Thank you, Rep. Lewis for your long and ongoing service to our democracy.

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