‘We must save the soul of America’

Last night, as he welcomed the audience to a Democratic Party Presidential Primary debate, on the same day the United States Ambassador to the EU testified under oath that President Trump directed an interconinental extortion plot, Rep. John Lewis told the nation “We must save the soul of America.”

He welcomed America to Atlanta, “the home of the civil rights movement, and added “Our home is too busy to hate, but not too busy to care.” A man who put his life on the line for civil right, to correct hundreds of years of structural and violent injustice, said “We must be more determined than ever before.”

He called on those listening to “go all out across this nation with a single message…” That message, he outlined as follows:

[W]e must save the soul of America. We must help save the planet. We have a right to know what is in the food we eat, what is in the air we breathe, and what is in the water we drink. We must do everything in our power to turn out people to vote like we never ever voted before. Now, there are forces in America that want to take us back to another time and another place. We have come too far. We have made too much progress, and we are not going back! We are going forward!

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