It is every American’s duty to support impeachment & removal of Trump

When Donald Trump sought a personal favor in exchange for the duties of his office, he sold his office, and committed the crime of bribery. When he withheld military aid from any ally in a time of war (leading to actual deaths on the battlefield), to apply pressure to force the delivery of that personal favor, he committed the crime of extortion—effectively a form of forced bribery.

  • These were part of one scheme, to elicit favors from a foreign head of state. Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8, of the Constitution strictly bans all such favors (which it calls “emoluments”).
  • Article 2, Section 4, of the Constitution specifically lists “Bribery” as one of the causes for removal from office, the other being “Treason”. That pairing makes clear the gravity of bribery as a crime against the Constitution.

Donald Trump sold his office and abused the power that comes with it. This is a threat to the life of our republic that the founders specifically foresaw. The remedy they provided for a corrupt and lawless chief executive was impeachment—a judicial process carried out by a political (elective) branch of government, in order to ensure the Constitution remains paramount.

He must be impeached and removed.

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