Feds File Conspiracy Charges against Militia Leader

Federal prosecutors have filed the first conspiracy charges, relating to coordinated paramilitary involvement in the planning and execution of the attack on the US Capitol. According to CNN:

Prosecutors have levied the first significant conspiracy charge against an apparent leader in the extremist Oath Keepers movement, alleging the Virginia man was involved in “planning and coordinating” the breach of the Capitol earlier this month, according to court documents.

The filing details pre-planned, coordinated actions carried out by members of the armed militant group calling itself the Oath Keepers. The conspiracy charge suggests efforts are underway to detail the tangled web of propaganda, funding, and logistical support for the attack, and to charge all who participated in the coordinated seditious conspiracy.

Given the investigation includes experts in public corruption prosecutions, the long prison sentences that could face anyone involved in that conspiracy could be used as leverage to uncover further details of the involvement of powerful enablers of Trump or the insurrectionists.

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