Tens of Thousands Protest across Russia, Demand Navalny’s Release

The regime of Vladimir Putin ordered the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, in a rushed jailhouse hearing after his return to Russia, then “found” it had the right to hold him for at least 30 days. The political crackdown against an anti-corruption campaigner Putin’s security forces attempted to assassinate has sparked outrage across Russia and around the world.

In a defiant show of resistance and independence, more than 100,00 have joined protests in more than 70 cities across Russia, demanding Navalny’s immediate release. Candidates supported by Navalny’s movement have been among the only non-loyalist candidates to win elected office in Russia in recent years. Putin is reportedly so afraid of the influence Navalny has built with the Russian people that he refuses to mention his name.

Navalny has reached people across Russia with his anti-corruption campaign. Anger at his detention is so deep there was even a sizable protest in Yakutsk, where temperatures were -50°C (yes, 50 degrees below zero).

The Washington Post is reporting today that:

Saturday’s demonstrations came after a sweeping national crackdown in which police detained opposition activists and courts locked up Navalny’s press secretary, Kira Yarmysh, and another team member, Georgy Alburov, co-author of a bombshell viral YouTube video “Putin’s Palace — History of the World’s Largest Bribe.”

The video, posted Tuesday, alleging colossal corruption in the construction of a vast Black Sea palace for Putin, has been viewed more than 68 million times. The Kremlin denies any relationship between Putin and the palace.

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Biden orders economic aid to families, businesses

In emotional, forthright remarks today, President Biden noted the millions of Americans waiting in long lines at food banks, unable to afford to buy food to feed their kids, the millions losing jobs, the 900,000 who have filed for unemployment insurance this week alone. Defiantly, he added:

We cannot, will not let people go hungry.  We cannot let people be evicted because of nothing they did themselves.  They cannot watch people lose their jobs.  And we have to act.  We have to act now. 

Biden noted the importance of not allowing people to suffer grievous economic damage from events they did not cause and cannot change.

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Obituary for a Failed Presidency

In her last Trump-era letter from Washington, Susan B. Glasser writes in The New Yorker:

Precisely at noon on Wednesday, Donald Trump’s disastrous Presidency will end, two weeks to the day after he unleashed a mob of his supporters to storm the Capitol, seeking to overturn the election results, and one week to the day after he was impeached for so doing. He leaves behind a city and a country reeling from four hundred thousand Americans dead, as of Tuesday, from a pandemic whose gravity he downplayed and denied; an economic crisis; and an internal political rift so great that it invites comparisons to the Civil War.

In the end, Trump was everything his haters feared—a chaos candidate, in the prescient words of one of his 2016 rivals, who became a chaos President.

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Feds File Conspiracy Charges against Militia Leader

Federal prosecutors have filed the first conspiracy charges, relating to coordinated paramilitary involvement in the planning and execution of the attack on the US Capitol. According to CNN:

Prosecutors have levied the first significant conspiracy charge against an apparent leader in the extremist Oath Keepers movement, alleging the Virginia man was involved in “planning and coordinating” the breach of the Capitol earlier this month, according to court documents.

The filing details pre-planned, coordinated actions carried out by members of the armed militant group calling itself the Oath Keepers. The conspiracy charge suggests efforts are underway to detail the tangled web of propaganda, funding, and logistical support for the attack, and to charge all who participated in the coordinated seditious conspiracy.

Given the investigation includes experts in public corruption prosecutions, the long prison sentences that could face anyone involved in that conspiracy could be used as leverage to uncover further details of the involvement of powerful enablers of Trump or the insurrectionists.

McConnell says Trump provoked insurrection

In a remarkable floor speech, on his last full day as Majority Leader of the United States Senate, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was clear in his rebuke of those who lied to, radicalized, and provoked insurrectionists to attack the US Capitol.

McConnell’s remarks also outlined how the attack was, as defined by law, an insurrection to disrupt the Constitutional process of government:

The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the President and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to try to stop a specific process of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.

But we pressed on. We said an angry mob would not get veto power over the rule of law in our nation, not even for one night. We certified the people’s choice for their 46th President.

McConnell then turned to a defiant, upbeat tone regarding the inauguration:

Tomorrow, President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris will be sworn in. We’ll have a safe and successful Inaugural right here on the West Front of the Capitol, the space that President Bush 41 called “democracy’s front porch”.

And then we’ll move forward. Our work for the American people will continue as it has for more than 230 years. There are serious challenges that our nation needs to continue confronting, but there will also be great and hopeful opportunities for us to seize.

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Countdown to Biden presidency



  hours  minutes  seconds


Rebuilding begins

After four years of chaos, corruption, lies, and ultimately an armed insurrection, people across the United States and around the world are counting down the hours and minutes until the powers of the US Presidency pass to Joseph R. Biden, Jr., at 12:00 noon EST on January 20, 2021.

His task will be to build back better from the COVID crisis and the abuses of the Trump era, and his administration will immediately act against four major crises:

FBI vetting National Guard over concerns of “insider attack”

The FBI is reported to be vetting all 25,000 National Guard personnel serving in Washington, DC, due to concerns of an “insider attack” on the Inauguration. These are the wages of professional political disinformation. Every political actor inside or outside of government who has helped Trump to spread his big lie about the election, or other baseless lies about “communists”—lies which have been used to radicalize people to commit acts of terror and intimidation—bears responsibility for this dangerous situation.

Part of the concern stems from apparent participation of people with military training in the attack on the US Capitol. Beyond that, one defense official told the Washington Post:

the Pentagon received 143 notifications of extremism-related probes last year from the FBI, 68 of which were related to suspected domestic extremism among current and former service members — a category that includes white nationalism, anti-fascist, antiabortion and anti-government beliefs. Most of the cases were related to veterans, the official said.

After President Trump declined to send aid to the Capitol, for at least 2 hours, there is concern that the DC National Guard answers to the President, rather than to the governor of a state. It is unclear at this writing precisely how decision-making about National Guard responsiveness will be handled, in the hours leading up to the formal handover of the powers of the Presidency.

Courage in the face of tyranny puts Putin regime on the defensive

The return of Alexei Navalny to Russia, after operatives apparently working for Vladimir Putin poisoned him with a military-grade neurotoxin, is an act of courage beyond anything Russia’s president has ever shown. Navalny is the leader of Russia’s leading anti-corruption effort, so Putin’s cruel opposition to his work speaks volumes about the corrupt and unaccountable nature of his regime.

If Putin had anything like the courage, principle, or patriotism Navalny has shown, he would immediately release him, and all who support him, and he would call for open elections to be monitored by independent foreign election observers, under an absolute prohibition on using any powers of the state to assist his own campaign.

The half-baked charges Putin’s regime uses to keep its critics from mounting strong national campaigns is evidence of the regime’s unfitness to govern, and of its structural frailty. That the regime also murders those it cannot sideline or silence is proof it operates outside any justifiable legal mandate and works actively against—not for—the interests of the Russian people.

Navalny arrested upon return to Russia

Russian anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny—a popular political opponent of Vladimir Putin’s regime—returned to Russia today, months after he was poisoned in an attempted assassination. Navalny narrowly escaped assassination after Russian operatives lined his underwear with the lethal nerve agent Novichok.

When he fell ill, his plane landed, he was evacuated to hospital, and then sent on to Germany for treatment. Investigators in Germany determined he was poisoned with Novichok, a banned Russian nerve agent.

Today, Navalny returned to his Russia. His plane was diverted when its intended destination airport was abruptly closed to incoming air traffic. Upon arrival, he was reportedly taken into custody.

Axios reports:

Navalny was stopped at a customs checkpoint and led away alone by officers. He appeared to hug his wife goodbye, and his spokesman reports that his lawyer was not allowed to accompany him.

Amnesty International is calling for his immediate release, as well as the release of any who went to greet him upon his return. Amnesty’s Moscow director is saying:

Navalny’s arrest is further evidence that Russian authorities are seeking to silence him. His detention only highlights the need to investigate his allegations that he was poisoned by state agents acting on orders from the highest levels.

International outcry over the attempted assassination of Mr. Navalny and the regime’s persecution of his Anti-Corruption campaign has been widespread. World leaders have denounced the poisoning and demanded a full and transparent investigation from Russian authorities, which has not materialized.

Document seen at White House suggests Trump discussed 2nd coup attempt

Two days after he was impeached for Incitement of Insurrection—as we learn federal investigators believe there is evidence of a plot to assassinate elected officials during that insurrection—a photograph captured by a Washington Post reporter outside the White House suggests Donald Trump today discussed a 2nd coup attempt.

The photograph was shared on Twitter by a Washington Post photographer:

The zoomed-in version makes it possible to clearly see the words “Insurrection Act now” and “martial law if necessary”. The document also appears to suggest the placement of certain individuals in key positions of importance to national security, and to call for a disinformation campaign to maintain the “big lie” that radicalized Trump followers to insurrection.

The crime of seditious conspiracy carries a prison term of up to 20 years.

This comes as 20,000 National Guard soldiers have taken up posts around Washington, DC, to secure the Capitol, the White House, and other halls of government against allegedly ongoing terrorist plots.

UPDATE—Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

Acting Secretary of Defense orders NSA to install Trump loyalist as agency’s top lawyer

According to Politico:

A former Republican operative and Trump loyalist will be installed as the NSA’s top lawyer just days before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, the agency said in a statement on Sunday.

The announcement came one day after it was reported that acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller had ordered the NSA’s director, Army Gen. Paul Nakasone, to install Michael Ellis in the position of the agency’s general counsel.

The troubling document seen in the hands of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, which seemed to urge Trump to impose “martial law” also mentioned installing loyalists at key agencies and referenced “Fort Mead”. (The NSA is headquartered at Fort Meade.)

Give his background as a political operative, it is unclear whether Mr. Ellis will be able to remain in this position, which according to federal regulations should have been filled on an interim basis by a career professional from the agency.

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